I am passionate about playing and teaching didgeridoo. I currently live, work, teach and play in Vancouver, BC, Canada where I meet with students privately in person and via Skype, offer interactive demonstrations, and perform with the world fusion collective Naad as well as with other DJs and in a range of musical projects.

Why Breathwood…


The meaning may or may not be obvious. My connection to it is multifaceted. Not only are breath and wood ultra important for didgeridoo playing, but the way they transform each other is really magical. The first time my teacher played for me during our first lesson, I had the feeling that his human voice and breath were being transmuted through this beautiful hollow piece of wood/earth into something much more mystical/spiritual/otherworldly, and I was transfixed. That first moment changed me.

I soon learned that didgeridoo and music in general are best with friends, community, and audience, and so I began building an online community around this idea. I now interact with players around the world through YouTube, Facebook and other means. This image of a “breathwood tree” represents my ever-constant growth as a player and as a person through these connections, and through the sharing of music.

A Collector of Sounds…


The didgeridoo catapulted me into the Vancouver world music scene, and I was soon being invited into collaboration with a range of incredible musicians, from Alcvin Ramos to Pepe Danza. The world fusion duo Naad invited me to join them, and we became a trio. Jubiloso, Bells of Concordia even invited me to Edmonton to perform a number of pieces with them.

I quickly branched out into other instruments including the native flute, jaw harp, and percussion such as the asalatos, caxixi, djembe, cajon and udu. I started working at Gandharva Loka, the world music store on Granville Island, and there I was introduced me to gongs, the sansula, chimes, and a range of otherworldly sounds. My collection grows all the time!

Happiest When Playing…


Now I enjoy playing for yoga classes, sound journeys, concerts and festivals of all kinds, with past performances ranging from the BC Buddhist Festival to Starbelly Jam in the Kootenays, Luminosity, Blessed Coast in Squamish, opening for the Desert Dwellers with Raghunath Khe, and many more to come.

Wherever I go, I try to make sure I have a didgeridoo with me!

And of course, I absolutely love teaching! Helping others learn to play gives me immense joy.

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