Hi there! I appreciate that you’ve come here very much. Thank you! Here’s the deal: I’m a working artist. To make my living, I teach dance, perform sometimes on stilts […]

Are you looking for old content? If you’re seeing this page, that means you probably are. Sometimes old links stick around long after they have been deleted. Finding them all […]

Here’s the link to get 50% off the complete course while it is still in creation! The Complete Didgeridoo Course It is about 80% finished. All students who sign up […]

Welcome to Breathwood Music! This is my online placeholder for all things music-related. Browse for events, classes and lessons, and more. I’m a one person┬ámusical curiosity. Ever since 2009, when […]

Are ready to learn to play? Or perhaps play better? I offer a number of ways for new and experienced didgeridoo players to learn to play for the first time […]

sleep apnea is caused by the collapse of the throat

It’s a pretty common occurrence: you or someone you share a bed with snores at night, or even worse – in the case of sleep apnea – wakes up struggling […]