One of my favorite aspects of playing didgeridoo is connecting with other people who play. This can happen in many different ways, but I have found it to be an essential ingredient in my growth.

The following are some┬áthe ways I’ve found to connect with other didgeridoo players online. Let me know if you’d like to suggest any others.


I know some people are fans of Facebook, and I wouldn’t say I love it, but it certainly has helped me connect to other players around the world. Use it to find other players – then connect in person!



Didgeridoo Learning Community

Connect with other players around the world who are actively working on new things. Introduce yourself, then post questions, videos or audio of yourself playing, and experience the power of community helping each other learn!

Vancouver Didgeridoo Players

This is our local Vancouver group. We have somewhat regular jam sessions, late night jams, and more, and are always willing to introduce new visitors or players to the community.

Breathwood on Facebook

This is my home on Facebook, a space where I post new videos, photos, and more, and have a bit of a community who love sharing all things related to didgeridoo.

The Didgeridoo Network

Another place to connect with other didgeridoo players on Facebook.

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