Learn to play didgeridoo!

Are ready to learn to play?

Or perhaps play better?

I offer a number of ways for new and experienced didgeridoo players to learn to play for the first time or to add a lot more to their playing! To stay up to date about these and other offerings, please sign up for my email list!

Free videos on Youtube!

There’s a lot here for all levels. From circular breathing tips to advanced rhythms, I cover a lot of material, and I’m adding new videos all the time! Make sure you subscribe so you get updates!

My online course at teachable.com!

There’s something here for everyone. Currently the course has 4 modules covering the basics all the way up to advanced rhythms, techniques, and sounds. Right now, as the course is in creation, I’m offering a special deal to email list subscribers!

Free online video chats!

Live webinars are a fun, interactive way to learn new tips and techniques, and to get your questions answered in real time. Sign up here for the latest one!

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