I absolutely love to teach! Helping others learn is a deeply joyful process for me. One of my superpowers is breaking down difficult ideas or skills into easy-to-understand pieces!

Below I offer a number of ways to learn to play didgeridoo. Beginners and experienced players are all welcome, and I’m here to serve you however I can!

Whether you’d like to book a lesson, check out the online course,  schedule me for a workshop, or even if you simply have a question or idea of your own, please contact me using the form on the right!

Free Lessons on Youtube

Visit my YouTube channel for a wide range of lessons and tutorials in everything from the absolute basics to advanced rhythms and techniques.

(Coming soon: a step-by-step list of all my Youtube videos in order from basics to advanced.)

Step-by-step Online Course

I’ve put together an in-depth online course that takes students step-by-step from choosing a didgeridoo and making a sound to the most advanced techniques I know. Students may sign up for separate modules or the entire course in one complete package.

The course is currently 85% finished, so I’m offering it at 50% off until it is totally done. (Click the link and check it out!) In addition to such a huge discount, early students each get a one-on-one Skype session with me to go over questions, problem areas, and to offer their feedback!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the fastest way to get exactly the support and direction you need to start playing for the first time, or to take your playing further. I tailor lessons to every individual student, matching the way I teach to the way my students learn. We can meet in person or over Skype.

Rates are currently:

  • $60 for a single hour (paid in advance)
  • $200 for four 1-hour lessons (paid in advance)
  • $280 for six 1-hour lessons (paid in advance)

Trades are also sometimes an option. Let me know if you have a skill or service you’d like to trade!


I teach workshops locally in Vancouver as well as abroad. If you’d like me to visit your town/city, please contact me and, we’ll arrange it!