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Teaching is one of my superpowers!

• Free video lessons

• A step-by-step online course

• In-person private lessons

• Private Skype lessons

• Group workshops in your home city


Playing didgeridoo is an amazing workout for the diaphragm, throat, and mouth; strengthening these areas can greatly diminish the effects of sleep apnea! Instead of relying on expensive, uncomfortable devices while sleeping, it is possible to improve your rest while learning something rewarding at the same time!

Group and private sound healing sessions also available!


Some of the sweetest people in the world are also didgeridoo players. Learning to play is an amazing way to connect with new friends and communities in your hometown and around the world.

Didge Donation Program

Early in 2018, I realized I wanted to find more ways to help players around the world gain access to better didgeridoos. I have taken the first steps toward creating this program. Those with income difficulties can apply to receive a higher quality didgeridoo at little or no cost!

Monthly Free Lesson

In addition to starting a didge donation program, I am also offering 1 free private lesson every month. Sometimes this happens through a random drawing, and sometimes I find other ways to help those in need. Read more to find out how I’ve helped students learn around the world – for free!

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