All Things Didgeridoo

Welcome to the humble internet home of a passionate didgeridoo player. Below are some of the ways I can help you and others explore the incredible world of the didge.

How to Play

I offer six ways for students to learn to play for the first time or to expand their skills further!

  • Free YouTube lessons
  • A step-by-step online course
  • In-person private lessons
  • Private lessons over Skype
  • Group workshops in your home city or town
  • Live streaming talks and workshops (join my email list below for updates!)

Cure Sleep Apnea

Did you know that playing didgeridoo is an amazing workout for the diaphragm, throat, and muscles of the mouth, and that strengthening these areas can greatly diminish the effects of sleep apnea? Instead of relying on expensive, uncomfortable devices while you sleep, it is possible to improve your rest while learning something new and rewarding at the same time!

Meet New Friends and Communities

Some of the sweetest people in the world are also didgeridoo players. Learning to play is an amazing way to connect with new friends and communities in your hometown and around the world!

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What are you interested in?

  • In-person lesson(s)
  • Skype lesson(s)
  • Online course
  • Booking a demo/performance
  • Hiring for a workshop
  • Webinar/live chat
  • Other (please mention below)